The Never-Ending Back Story – Chapter 3

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I have written a lot about my personal life lately, how happy I am with Mr. Wonderful, how I feel more complete and happy than I have in an awfully long time, if not ever, but I have neglected to even touch on what has been happening with my back, workman’s comp and my future health wise. The news is not any where near as positive as it was in my romantic life.
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Twelve, & Sixteen More Days Later

It is now September 14th and I am just over a week post-op. My mood rises and plummets at a drop of a hat and there have been many upsets that have been trying and difficult to deal with.

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The Never-Ending Back Story–Chapter 2

The lumbar region in regards to the rest of th...

The lumbar region in regards to the rest of the spine.

It has been a while since my last post. I have no reasons to give other than I was in somewhat of a funk. There was nothing new to say so I had nothing to say at all. However, all that changed after confirming I would require further surgery on my lumbar spine on August 07. In fact I have been toying with this entry since then. What really threw  me off and is still making me feel ill prepared was the phone call I got two Mondays ago. I was expecting to have surgery around November or December, but they decided I needed it now and on August 27th they informed me I was scheduled for surgery on September 06th. On top of the surgery being scheduled early there is also the fact that I moved five hours away at the beginning of this month, so essentially I paid close to $600 to stay at a place for three days this month. Urgh! Continue reading

The Never-Ending Back Story

I thought I would finally try to put into words what happened with my surgeon, Dr. W., last week. Just as some background, I had a two level spinal fusion in March 2011. Immediately after the surgery it was considered a success because I could feel the nerve pathways that had been dead for several months, but I haven’t made much progress since. When you have a spinal fusion, at least in my case, , there are different ways to do it, they take out discs from between your vertebrae, fuse bone into the space left behind and set the spacing by putting three screws in each vertebrae and attaching them with titanium rods. Then you have to wait over a year to see if the fusion takes and if you grow bone to fill the spaces. Continue reading