P.S. It Wasn’t the End…

I thought that last night after telling C. I cheated on him and didn’t give him an std that it might have been the end of it all. After all, I moved on nine months ago… But C. isn’t done yet… I wish I could say that I am surprised by his behavior, but really this is classic C. Continue reading


Re-Blog Funny-ness!

Umm… I really didn’t see what the fuss was about until my mind rolled into the gutter! And then I was in a state of disbelief then I laughed our loud at the sheer oneness of nature. Thanks DYSHIS!! (Interesting, her acronym spells ‘dishes’ phonetically, which can mean both items that hold food or gushing about something or ‘giving the lowdown’. I think the latter is kinda a great way to describe blogging!) <– I can be such a nerd!
– S.

Do You See How I See


“Do you think at night, when it’s dark and no one’s watching, that trees do things?”

(This was the question my daughter asked me innocently on the way to school one morning. Not a few hours later, I receive this picture via text!)




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