P.P.S. Now is it the End?

So, I had really high hopes that my last post told the story of the end of C. and I. But it didn’t.
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The End of C.’s Story

So, you probably all know C. by now. For the new readers, (Surprisingly there are a few! Welcome!!) he is my ex boyfriend whom I broke up with to pursue a relationship with Mr. Wonderful last April.

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The Green Eyed Crazy Girl

I have had some unwelcome company lately, someone I did’t even know was well aquainted with me until they were practically living inside me. You see, when we get together, all hell breaks loose, so I try to stay away. My vivd and overactive imagination kicks it into overdrive and the crazy girl aspect of my personality I hide so well suddenly makes her presence known. Who is my visitor? – No, not my monthly visitor, although she wreaks her own havoc. My current visitor is worse! – I’ll give you a hint, she is green, oh-so-green. Still guessing? Didn’t think so, I knew my readers were smart.
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