The End of C.’s Story

So, you probably all know C. by now. For the new readers, (Surprisingly there are a few! Welcome!!) he is my ex boyfriend whom I broke up with to pursue a relationship with Mr. Wonderful last April.

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The last post I wrote about, and aptly entitled, Mr. Wonderful was exactly six months ago. Its amazing how much has changed… And how much has stayed the same. I am still so in love with him, so completely utterly in love. There is no doubt there, and there is no doubt about how much Mr. Wonderful loves me either. Continue reading

Small Deaths

Most women, for most of their lives, go through a monthly cycle of changing hormones, physical and psychological fluctuations and emotional upheavals. Over the course of twenty eight days our bodies prep for pregnancy, creating the perfect environment to foster a new little person. It is only when our womb remains empty that the cycle ends and we shed our useless uterine walls and the bleeding begins.
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Mr. Wonderful

I thought I would introduce you all to Mr. Wonderful. He is this amazing man sitting beside me, lightly touching my leg while he reads and I type. He makes me comfortable and, perhaps most surprisingly, content. I have known of him for years, and could even claim to have known him years ago, but the man I met a few months back is both the same boy I knew and infinite times better. Continue reading

Oh, Glorious Day! I Have Been Award-s-ed!

thank-you_colorI was delighted to log into WordPress one day about two weeks ago to find a lovely comment from JourneyBits with an unexpected surprise and honour. DUH-DA-DA-DA-TA-DA!! Someone (else) finds my writing worthwhile enough to nominate me for an award! I am not sure how much this says about me as a blogger since at the time JourneyBits only followed a handful of bloggers, and she nominated everyone she follows. Nonetheless I will take the nomination as a compliment and feel privileged to have someone think I am worthy of an award! Again, I am completely aware that this award is not as prestigious as an Oprah sticker on my first novel! (Although that will happen someday!) It feels good to recognize and experience gratitude for the little things that go right in everyday and having one person like my blog enough for an award does it for me! Smile with tongue out Continue reading

I’ve Been Awarded!

Chris over at Chronic Pain and Me nominated me for a Reader Appreciation award! I have never been given a blogging award, it is making me smile ludicrously!

Anyway the rules for this award are that I have to post the picture with a link back to the person who nominated me and then nominate six others.

My six nominees are:

Magik Doll

I’ve Survived and am Flying

Inside the life of S

Back on My Own

The Quiet Borderline 

Rainey Days and Crazy Nights

Thanks, Chris! Nominating me really touched my heart!

Tons of love, I hope you pain is not too severe today!

xo – S.

Edit: I need to add a couple of more to this list:

Alice Through the Macro Lens
Brokenlight Photography Collective

I will continue to add to this list, if I think of any more. I know it is against the rules to nominate more than six people but what are rules for if not to be broken?? Plus, isn’t it up to me as the reader how many appreciations I give out? 😛