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<All the italic add-ins are updates added September 18, 2012>

The Never-Ending Back Story

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3



If you came here by way of searching for back surgery, spinal fusion, or anything similar, you will find some information on my continuing recovery from my two level l5-s1 posterior spinal fusion with hardware (and a bunch of other procedures with the fusion, but that is the biggest one.) surgery that I had on March 03, 2011.

On September 06, 2012 I underwent a second procedure to correct the non-union of my spinal fusion. What all that means is I never solidified the vertebrae into a solid column of bone. This operation involved harvesting bone from my pelvis and inserting spacers to provide more support and stability. Also I am in a corset brace for three months, which I didn’t do for my last surgery. Essentially I am trying to foster the most ideal situation to promote bone growth.

However, there is another blog that you will find more applicable and perhaps just a tiny bit useful. is my back surgery recovery blog. Over there you will find chapters of my ongoing back saga detailing my injury, treatment, physio, surgery and post-surgery.

I feel I should say that my fusion was not a complete success. So the state that I am in now is by no means an accurate representation of what a normal problem free recovery is like. My surgeon thinks I will need surgery in August again to remove the hardware, which is abnormal, because I am having more problems with my nerves. To find out more about where my journey has taken me, right up to my last appointment with the surgeon a couple of weeks ago, (current as of April 12/2012) click here to get to the Table of Contents on Finding Passion for Life.

I have yet to add my latest posts to Finding Passion for Life. While they will make it into the table of contents and onto that blog soon, you can read the Never-Ending Back Story here and Ch. 2 here.

If you would prefer to read the latest and skip through the diagnosis, the whole year of physio before surgery, the icky details of the surgery, and my subsequent deep depression and my year of working out three times a week at physio since the surgery (and I really won’t blame you! Honest!) click here to read my latest post entitled The Never-Ending Back Story (Updated information can also be found here in Chapter 2 on my latest surgery) about my appointment with my surgeon on March 23, 2012 right here on The Secret World of S.

I am always open to share with anyone who is curious. Especially if you are facing something similar and feel like there is no one who understands or can help you make sense of it all. I have become rather well versed in back problems, at least the ones I have personally dealt with. I would love to hear from any of my readers. It has always been my goal on Finding Passion For Life  to provide a resource that I couldn’t find when I was facing back surgery. I was laid up for three months so I figured I had the time! 😉 I had hoped that I could help at least one person.

Thanks for dropping by!


xo – S.

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