P.S. It Wasn’t the End…

I thought that last night after telling C. I cheated on him and didn’t give him an std that it might have been the end of it all. After all, I moved on nine months ago… But C. isn’t done yet… I wish I could say that I am surprised by his behavior, but really this is classic C.
I’ll let him show you what a stellar guy he is…

C. – Stop acting like an adolescent, grow up, and take responsibility for yourself. An adult would have said: Yeah, I owe you an apology. I put you and others at risk, but I used protection and I’ve been tested. But you can’t do that because you’re more concerned about defending yourself in the face of your own lies and cowardice.
S.- Right back at you.
C. – I should have told you I used protection? I owe you an apology for putting you at risk and others at risk? No, I don’t, because I didn’t act like an idiot under the pretence of protecting others’ feelings.
S. – My god, this is silly. Bye.
C. – No, your teenager like airing of your dirty laundry via a blog is silly. This is just the adult world: Welcome!
S. – Are you welcoming yourself? I spent two years being the adult while you hid from the adult world. You dont deserve anything from me as far as I am concerned, and to be honest I am done with talking to you.
C. – I don’t care if you think you’re done or not. You haven’t thought or felt anything of value in your life. And I wasn’t hiding from the adult world. I was hiding from my miserable life with you. I wanted to leave so many times. Only stayed because you begged and begged. And there is no justification for what you did. None. Period. Do you fucking get that?! You should feel guilty, but maybe that’s a feeling reserved for us humans. You want to be more than half a woman? Start being a human being first.
S. – Wow you’re stupidly irate. And are saying the most ridiculous things. If you’re trying to hurt me, you can’t. If your trying to induce guilt, you can’t. You dont have that power over me. Sorry.
So I am a bit confused by what you hope to accomplish?
C. – I am justifiably irate actually. Any responsible adult would agree. I don’t care if you’re hurt or not, if you’re guilty or not. You and your townie love triangle and adolescent trysts on snap-chat aren’t worth attacking. Your immature attitude speaks for itself. I was only hoping to get something more reassuring than “Umm…no”, especially since you don’t seem to be aware of this guy’s entire sexual history. You still haven’t said anything to the point. I can see, as always, you’re a complete waste of my time. This isn’t about “feelings”, this is about full and honest disclosure. That’s it.
S. – I have given you a full and honest disclosure. Right back at the beginning of This conversation, so really if that’s all you’re looking for you got it. I cheated on you. I dont regret it, actually I am glad I did it. If you have anything its from one of your partners since cause I am clean.
So there you have it. Stop messaging me. I have nothing left to say to you. And I dont particularly care about what you have to say. You’ve shown just how self centered you are and that everyone was right when they told me you are a pompous ass and not worth my time. Your friends said that. Your mom said that. Think about that for a minute.
C. – S., do you want to know what others said about you when we broke up? One of “our friends” said you were the shit that someone scrapes from the bottom of a shoe. My Mom said you were going to be the biggest mistake of my life. Other friends wondered why I would suffer your idiocy for so long. And when I showed friends your blog they said you were as low as it gets, and a childish, irresponsible coward. And I bet you didn’t tell everyone that you’re a slut when you were playing the victim. Keep playing that role btw, it suits you well. But the truth is, S.: you’re the villain of your own story. You only admitted the truth when caught, and even then couldn’t bring yourself to say anything poignant or to apologize. What are you, Rob Ford? And I may be self-centred, but I’m nowhere near as shellfish as you. Don’t care that you cheated, S., except in so far as it implicates me in your inability to act like a responsible adult. (My sex life fucking sucked too, what with your cottage cream thighs and your disgusting body, or the preferable alternative: my hand and a screen.) Do you think I miss that? I don’t care if you regret cheating or not, or feel guilty about it or not. Sounds like you’re getting a taste of your own medicine at the moment. The way you treat your sexual partners is fucking despicable. Don’t repeat this error in judgement in the future. Every sexual partner you have or have had is entitled to ask these questions and not be insulted in the process, regardless of how you feel about them. And the passage of time doesn’t remove the responsibility to be upfront about your sexual history. You think I should be a man? A man asks these awkward things despite the fact that he doesn’t want to contact someone who writes an insulting blog about him in their spare time. And, no, I have no reason, apart from your BS, to think I’ve contracted an STD. And, no, your original response was nowhere near the appropriate thing to say. Have you been tested? Did you use protection? Do I really have to walk you through this? A shaky “no” is not the answer anyone wants to hear in response to an STD question. If it turns out your guy is cheating, is that the kind of answer you would take to heart? No, it’s fucking not. And since I know you to be dishonest, no answer would have been entirely relieving, but one that was at least trying to take the matter seriously would have helped.
S. – Psh. You obviously haven’t actually read my blog. Read the full story if you are going to have an opinion. Idiot.
C. – Did you think I’d actually read it in full!? I mean, do you think that anyone who matters reads that crap? (Side note: Sorry dear reader, apparently you don’t matter.) I skipped to the parts that may effect me, you immature twit. Way to miss the point yet again though. Say something about how you were responsible and did use protection, about how you got tested and therefore I should have no reason to fear. Or can you say that? At least say something honest for once in your petty life.
S. – Good bye. I have no obligation or desire to talk to you further. There’s all the honesty you deserve. I’ve put up with this bullshit enough.
C. – No, every past sexual partner deserves better than that. And who cares what you do or don’t want at this point. You’re clearly incapable of acting like a decent human being. And this isn’t BS. That’s all on you.
S. – Oh and someone you call friend has obviously read my ‘crap’.
C. – Yeah, I don’t care. I mean, it’s a childish and vindictive thing to say, but that’s pretty much in line with the adolescent tone of your whole blog now isn’t it. I keep my relationships private and don’t go airing my dirty laundry in public. But I actually respect others, even if I don’t particularly like them. But that’s the difference between me and you. I’m capable of thought and of thinking about how I impact others, whereas you’re just manipulative and hate-filled, proud to try and sully my reputation with my friends, etc. That’s what teenage girls do. And that’s about when you stopped developing emotionally it seems. You’re a serial monogamist, plain and simple. This is by far the most insulting thing I’ve ever said to anyone. You deserve every bit of it, though.
I kept this conversation private, you’ll notice, and have no plans to share it. I don’t care if you do, but you should know that that’s absurdly petty.

And then an hour later…

C. – Follow-up tests it is then. BTW, even prostitutes have some standards regarding sexual health.

And another hour later…

C. – Oh yeah, and spreading rumours that I’m gay? Real class act. I just don’t like ugly girls. I like real women. I hope you learn what it means to be one someday. Clearly you’ve got a lot of fucking work to do. (Side note: In no way was I stating he is gay… I just think he might be closeted and afraid. You get to know someone pretty well after four and a half years, you know? Or you think you do and then you get this.)
And another hour later…

C. – Not that it’s your fucking business! You don’t deserve to know anything about me or to speculate about me or to even fucking think about me! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!! You disgust me! (Side note: I haven’t even blogged about him in months… I hadn’t thought about him in months til this.)

And thus ends the story of C.? I certainly hope so, as amusing as it has been to watch his little self righteous show.

As always, thanks for reading! – S.

4 thoughts on “P.S. It Wasn’t the End…

  1. Holy crap. What a mean individual. No need for such nastiness, even if you are hurt. Being hurt is not carte blanche to be an asshole.

    I wonder if he’s going to read my comment and start insulting me as well.

  2. Grainne says:

    “I can see, as always, you’re a waste of my time” and then he goes on and on about what a piece of crap you are. This guy has enormous issues, is abusive and cruel and I’m SO glad you got the hell away from him before he started beating you up or something.

    He reminds me more and more of my ex M and my ex husband…who was just like M. (stupid cycles). I hope you didn’t let any of his nasty crap into your heart…not even a drop. xoxox

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