Christmastime is Here

Christmas is coming. For the first time in years I am actually looking forward to the holidays. Mr. Wonderful and I have actually planned our finances well enough to do some Christmas shopping and it’s my first Christmas with kiddo and our first as a family. I am so excited to see his face alight with joy.

We bought him a bike yesterday and have picked up some pretty cool games and stocking stuffers. Beyond the material side if it, and in my opinion more importantly, every night WonderKid and I, and often Mr. Wonderful if we wait til he’s off work, make a Christmas themed craft. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy spending that time with him and how fulfilling it is to complete something crafty.

The first night we made some gift tags using shrinking ornaments I found at the dollar store. We all colored several and waited expectantly. Unfortunately, while they did look pretty cool, they came out much smaller than anticipated and I am not sure what we will end up doing with them.

I had planned to make toy soldiers out if toilet paper rolls and surprisingly, they are really cute. Instead of painting them as I initially planned we ended up covering the tubes in felt. My mom makes amazing handmade chocolates and WonderKid and I are going to go over this week to make some to use as gifts. The idea is that everyone on his list – his mom and step dad, his dad, siblings and grandparents and a friend – will get a handmade craft and some chocolates. WonderKid is wonderfully generous and I am thrilled he wants to give so much. Usually his mom brings him to the dollarstore and he gets everyone one thing. Hopefully he enjoys this a little more cause I am really loving it.
Over the next few days we painted gift bags, some wooden decorations and some foam ornaments.

Today I went to my mom’s to whip up some salt dough, – I have celiac disease so have no real flour on hand and didn’t want to contaminate my stuff – rolled it out, used cookie cutters for ornament shapes and baked then in anticipation for WonderKid this weekend.

Part if me knows I am keeping busy in an effort to not think too much. I always feel deflated around Christmas. Slightly depressed and really fake. I think there is a lot of pressure to make Christmas an event and while I do want to give WonderKid an amazing holiday, I want this Christmas to be more… Authentic?

I want to spend time walking in the snow with my love. I want to watch WonderKid jump in the snow banks and giggle, to put on my snow pants and make a snowman. I want to decorate our tree, with all our homemade ornaments and twinkling lights, and I want to cozy up on the couch watching a Christmas movie – preferably the old Rudolph claymation – with hot chocolate and cranberries to string. Most of all, I want to wake up Christmas morning to WonderKid and Mr. Wonderful and I want to watch kiddo open his presents, cuddling with Mr. Wonderful and just enjoying the moment.

It is all very possible but after that small window of Christmas morning there is Christmas brunch with his family and Christmas dinner with mine. And there is the issue of WonderKid being absent from the whole affair. I don’t think Mr. Wonderful has ever had WonderKid on Christmas.

So, while I am certainly happier this christmas, there is still something rather large missing. Or there will be I suppose. Christmas morning will be a subdued affair without WonderKid. We’ll miss him.

Anyway, I am going to wrap this up. I am sorry this post meandered… I had a direction, I just didn’t follow it.

I hope your holiday preparations are going well… If you are doing something for the holidays, that is. Believe me, I won’t judge if you’re not. 🙂

Best wishes for a holiday season filled with magic!

As always, thanks for reading! – S.


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