Raising Girls

A wonderful and thought provoking piece on what it meant to be raised a girl and that gray area of wanting to be nice and being there for yourself.
– S.

My Life Untangled

I’ve given a lot of thought to how and why I spent so many years trying to please a man that was unpleaseable.  I’ve determined that some of the reason is a feeling of unworthiness.  I felt like I didn’t deserve better.  I felt like whatever anyone else wanted was more important than what I may want.  I felt like things were my fault because I didn’t help him get better, I wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough.  So I squashed my feelings and did things to please others rather than please myself.  This included people that treated me like I was less than human.

I realize now that this sense of unworthiness did not start with him.  It started long before I met him.  It comes from being raised to be a proper, nice girl.  Some parents tell their girls to put others first, be respectful of everyone, be

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