While reading this post from a new author I had the pleasure of discovering after she commented on my posts, I felt that feeling like what I am reading and feeling is more than the words on the screen. It felt like she was speaking to me. It was one of those transendent moments we don’t get enough of. I hope you find the value I have in this post.
xoxo – S.

My Life Untangled

I started writing this with the intention of submitting it to a magazine for publication.  I toned things down a bit but still I was afraid to go public and put my name on this for fear of retaliation and also I admit a bit of shame still lingers.  Here in the semi-anonymous blogger world I feel safe sharing this, finally.

I knew it was all wrong when I was 20. We broke up briefly and I took him back after begging and pleading from him and his mom. That was my first opportunity to walk away for good and I didn’t. I let loneliness, the fear of being alone and a sense of unworthiness control my life. Then again when I was 28 I had another opportunity and realization that I was making a mistake. We had been living together officially for 4 years and he decided we should buy…

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