Blossoming – I am woman

What kind of flower are you? Do you feel as though you have “Bloomed”, regardless of your sex, or is blooming something that only happens to women?
I think it is a really interesting way to look at cycles in life. Our environment is affected by the seasons (especially up here in the chilly north where it goes from -30’C in the winter to +30’C in the summer!) so why wouldn’t our lives also flow according to this natural principle? I think it makes a great deal of sense to view experiences as cycles… You start something new, you grow according to the conditions of your environment, which leads us to bloom and eventually begin to wilt and die. I’m not talking about the larger life cycle, rather the experiences of everyday.
For example getting a new job is often a growing experience, after you have learned your position and are feeling confident you bloom, then when your skills or expectations surpass the limits of the job you look for a new job and start the proccess over.
What do you think? Does a woman/man bloom once, more than once or, for some, not at all?
I would love to hear your thoughts.
xo – S.

a bourbon for silvia

Some months ago my mom was attempting to do what my mom does best. I always appreciate the woman immensely, therefore I always let her do what she does best, to me, even if is over the phone.

Women, are like flowers: they are meant to blossom, one way or another, with help or on their own. You just have to find out how. 

It took some time to understand what she meant, and why that was supposed to be important to me. I am people, and last I checked, last night, actually, I am woman, and following my mom´s prediction, I did/will blossom.

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One thought on “Blossoming – I am woman

  1. singingbones says:

    I’d say that the whole metaphor of blossoming and flowering is the feminine domain. Men do other things metaphorically, but blooming isn’t really a male quality. If you take thte metaphor into nature, then you see that flowers have a whole cycle… sprouting, growing, budding, then finally comes the blossom, or bloom, which opens to its full glory, and then fades, and dies. And then the cycle begins again. Women too have these same cycles throughout their lives… growth, blooming, dying away, a fallow season, then it begins again. yes we can bloom many times throughout our lives…. but it’s important to remember that all the stages in a growth and decay process are important. But certainly the crown is when a women is blossoming and in full bloom… just as the Rose does. SB

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