This is a wonderful post reminding us all how big our biggest problems really are. Back surgery and the like have brought me pretty low, I even question the worthiness of my life if I have to live with all this pain. But that is ridiculous.
I, too, am more than humbled by Hope.

ox – S.


I’m always carrying on over something as you well know. I get annoyed easily, pissed off regularly and the littlest thing can wreck my day.

I’ve often asked myself, Susannah, all this minutia you concern yourself with, what would you do if something truly catastrophic happened in your life?

Like what?

Illness, for instance.

I recently worked with a woman who has stage 4 breast cancer. It was obvious she was unwell by her elaborate headdress and what looked like a harness strapped across her chest that I believe led to a catheter pumping painkillers into her body.

If she hadn’t displayed these 2 giveaways, by her smile and stamina, you never would have known she was sick; she absolutely dazzled with good cheer.

Mind you, I was more rattled than she was. I asked her if there was anything I could do for her – get her breakfast, help…

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  1. Wanted to thank you again for putting this on your site. It was very, very nice of you.

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