Body & Soul Renewal–Day Two

Discuss your favourite parts of your personality.

loveyourselfThis is a tough one, and there is a good reason I chose it as the first real question in the challenge. I think everyone, me included and especially, needs to learn to treat themselves with the loving kindness we show others. If you need a push for this topic because you are having a hard time thinking of positive things to say about your personality, try taking a third person perspective on yourself. Talk to you like you talk to your friends. A while a go I did a post entitled A Letter to Myself and I found the exercise cathartic and incredibly worth while. We treat ourselves so much more harshly than we treat others, we are less forgiving of our weaknesses, and much less aware of our routine and daily successes. But I digress, on to today’s question which I have decided to write as another letter to myself.

Dear S.,

I wanted to write to let you in on a few little secrets. You are loved and worthy of love. You are an individual and unique person with interesting opinions and a great sense of humour. (As long as you keep your cynical sarcasm in check.) There are many things you see in others that you refuse to see in yourself. So many things you admire in others are already present within you just waiting for you to acknowledge and nurture them.

You are such a caring and loving person, you have wells of empathy that seem endless. You look at others with compassion always, but you lack that vision of yourself. Your strength is constantly tested and because you are so strong you have made it through one harrowing diagnosis after another you don’t see it as strength, you see it as coping. But you are doing more than coping. You will thrive, eventually. You know that working out is doing you a world of good, you know that you can do the work to get a body you are proud of. It just takes time. Although you are impatient for this to be over, you also have an amazing ability to deal with issues as they arise. You sometimes feel weak because you cry, but crying isn’t always weakness. It can show the depth of your strength as well. You are allowed to cry, in fact it can be cathartic and I can’t remember the last time you cried and didn’t feel better for it. Let yourself have these moments, you are going through a lot.

When you look in the mirror. you don’t like what you see. This isn’t permanent. Eventually you will be able to embrace and love your self physically, emotionally and psychologically. Even though you feel lazy because you aren’t as active or motivated as you once were, you are doing a lot and need to slow down and listen to your body. While you strive to be seen as normal by those close to you, you aren’t accepting what is. You have always been a fighter, and you are still going to need a lot of that fight to make it through the next leg of your journey, but you have to stop fighting that which cannot be changed. Live in the here and now, not in a bleak future or painful past. By living for today, you can make tomorrow a little brighter.

You have an inherently pessimistic view of the world and, although you have started to consciously change your thinking, your pessimism isn’t serving you anymore. It is not strength to view everything in a negative light  or with scepticism. You don’t have to make things harder on yourself by lamenting all you do. Look for the good.

There have been positives throughout this journey. You have the knowledge and ability to stay fit for life, and you may have even found a new passion in helping others exercise effectively. You have a great kinesthetic knowledge of your body that was there before the injury but has been honed into a powerful tool in the  interim. You have the ability to make your body your temple. You have the right to see yourself in the best possible light, to always treat yourself with the loving kindness you show others.

When you graduated grade eight you got a citizenship award. At the time you didn’t understand what it was for because everyone should be nice to everyone else. You get that to be a truly nice person is rare. Granted we have all had those moments that put shame in our hearts because of the way we treated another person, but from a very young age you were aware of the power of words and mannerisms and strove to never hurt anyone’s feelings. Even when people are mean to you you have a hard time being mean to them in return. You will apologize for imagined slights the other party didn’t even notice, explain yourself until your blue in the face if you think your words could be misinterpreted, and your biggest fear is that you will turn into a bitch that no one likes because she is bitter and mean to everyone.

But that will never be your fate. You posses some amazing qualities that make you a worthwhile and lovely human being. You are a gift to those who know you intimately and you give so much more than you take, your generosity is astounding! You will give to the detrement of yourself and expect others to be the same way. You are learning the hard lesson of  giving selflessly to someone who has decided to take without returning the bounty offered. It is not that you give too much, it is that others don’t give enough. Make sure to always keep something back for you, keep your vision, focus on where you know you will be.

With Unconditional Love,
xo – S.


Run Toward the Efforts

Stop assuming that effort is to be avoided. Effort is a wonderful and powerful thing, because it enables you to make a difference.

You have a fundamental, driving desire to matter, to make a significant difference. Effort is what gives you the opportunity to do that.

The obstacles, problems and challenges will demand great and sustained efforts from you. And through those efforts you can bring immense value to your world.

Your efforts have brought you to where you are today. The quality of your life is driven primarily by the quality and quantity of your efforts.

The necessity of effort is not a burden, but rather is a powerful opportunity. For it is through your efforts that you express and fulfill your most treasured purposes, desires and dreams.

Instead of fighting the efforts, embrace them and enthusiastically seek out many more. Run toward the efforts, and reap life’s most valuable and meaningful rewards.

— Ralph Marston (

Courtesy of Tiffany (Thanks! Open-mouthed smile)

5 thoughts on “Body & Soul Renewal–Day Two

  1. Chris says:

    Hi S, I really like this post and you are so right.

    I have learnt over recent times that I am much, much more critical of myself than I am anybody else. Then I find I criticise my self for being critical, aarrgh, very frustrating Growing to love yourself and not nit-picking at our own faults is a hard thing to do, suffice to say, you’re idea of doing a letter to yourself is a great way of realising that every individual should treat them selves as they treat others.

    Thanks again.

  2. simmog says:

    Now this was a pretty hard one to answer..quite a challenge..

    • S. says:

      I know! It was for me too. I had to fall back on the whole writing a letter to yourself to complete this one. It is like I can be nice to myself in the third person, but not in the first. Weird.
      xo – S.

  3. S. says:

    One more link up for today! I didn’t post this on time for others to link up soo… Here it is!

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