Thirty Day Blog Challenge

Have you been thinking that you might need a little push to move in a good direction? Have you ever wanted to blog daily but feel like you don’t have enough content to share?

This may help you, and having support on this journey from others joining the challenge will be immensely motivating.

I have been looking for a thirty day blog challenge that really speaks to me and the different dimensions of what I want to accomplish and I haven’t found one that encompasses all I want to cover in thirty days so I have decided to write my own. I want to be able to define my values and direction at the end of this project and I think I have a pretty good set of questions to make that possible.

Each day will have a question or prompt and I will post on the assigned topic everyday. I will also include at least on photo in every entry, whether it is a photo I took or one I found inspiring. Additionally to hold me accountable in my fitness plan as well, (Thanks for the great idea MoJo!) I will include how long I walked, if I meditated, and how much strengthening I completed each day. This is an optional addition, actually you can choose to do any part or all parts as it suits you. I think it is important to work on physical health in tandem with mental  health as one is not complete without the other.

Does anyone want to join my challenge to post a blog a day for thirty days?

Do you have any suggestions on ways to tweak this question list so I have the best chance at achieving a working knowledge of myself?

If you would like to join, please accept this badge as a symbol of your commitment! Don’t forget to comment here or on each days post so we can stay linked up!

Thirty Days to Better Self Knowledge

Day 1 – Give a quick bio about yourself and include five interesting facts.
Day 2 – Discuss your favourite parts of your personality.
Day 3 – Discuss what is holding you back from embracing change.
Day 4 – What is the earliest (or most vivid) memory you have as a child?
Day 5 – Define what is important to you in terms of a significant relationship.
Day 6 – What would your ideal day look like?
Day 7 – Create a goal that you can achieve within three days and why it is important.
Day 8 – Examine your relationship with your mom.
Day 9 – Examine your relationship with your dad.
Day 10 – Reflect on what went right with your goal from day 7 and what went wrong.
Day 11 – Find an inspiring photo of a place you would like to live and discuss why.
Day 12 – Find a photo of a bedroom that inspires you and discuss why.
Day 13 – Find a photo of a garden that inspires you and discuss why.
Day 14 – Find a photo of a house that inspires you and discuss why.
Day 15 – Find a new blogger who inspires you, re-blog and discuss why.
Day 16 – Create a list of all the blogs you love and say why.
Day 17 – Find three things that allow you to relax.
Day 18 – Create a meal plan for Day 19.
Day 19 – Discuss the difficulties in trying to stick to the meal plan from Day 18.
Day 20 – What are three things that make you proud of yourself?
Day 21 – Find a new book to read and share why it interested you.
Day 22 – Choose a knitting pattern (or other hobby) that you will start before Day 30. Discuss challenges that may arise.
Day 23 – Share a goal that relates to blogging.
Day 24 – Create an ideal morning routine.
Day 25 – Create an ideal sleep time routine.
Day 26 – Find, try and discuss a new gluten-free recipe.
Day 27 – Take at least twenty photos and post without editing.
Day 28 – Discuss strategies to increase physical activity and whether your current fitness plan is working. Why or why not?
Day 29 – Reflect on what friendship means to you and your current friendships.
Day 30 – Reflect on what you have learnt about yourself over the last thirty days.


16 thoughts on “Thirty Day Blog Challenge

  1. Is today Day 1? Is tomorrow Day 1?

    • S. says:

      I am going to start tomorrow, but you can start whenever is convenient for you! 😀
      I look forward to reading your responses!
      xo – S,

  2. Reblogged this on Momentum of Joy and commented:
    S gets it going in high gear – hollah! 😉

  3. mrskid2 says:

    This right here is going to get a lot of hits. I’m definitely in! Wow how creative. To God be the glory!

    • S. says:

      I am excited to get it started, in fact as soon as I am done with comments I am going to publish Day 1!
      Thank you for taking part, I look forward to learning more about you!
      oo – S.
      P.S. I will swing over to your blog and let you into the secret of S. :p

  4. I really relate to what you’re saying. I have dysthemia (chronic low-level depression), and it can really affect my thought patterns. I have to watch out for that on a daily basis.

  5. mrskid2 says:

    I do have a question for you. What does the letter “S” stand for. I don’t want to leave it to my own imagination.

  6. magikdolls says:

    Count me in s! Ill start today when I get off the lightrail and to the office

    • S. says:

      Yay!! I look forward to following along with your posts!
      Don’t forget to put a link in the comments section of my daily posy to your daily post. That way anyone who joins late will still have a record of what others said on a particular day.
      oo – S.

  7. Sounds like an interesting project!!! I guess count me in! I will try my best to keep up!!

    • S. says:

      Thanks, Laviebohemeart!
      Don’t worry about keeping up necessarily, take it at your own pace. Don’t forget to post a link to your daily post on my daily post. (Let’s say you do one entry ever two days, that’s totally fine, just make sure to link your Day 1 post to my Day 1 post, and the second post you do would be Day 2’s post even if technically it is day 3… Make sense?)
      Feel free to ask for clarification or anything else you need!
      I am so excited that someone wants to take on the challenge with me!
      – S.

  8. magikdolls says:

    Reblogged this on Magik Life and commented:
    Lets do it folks! I’m excited.

  9. mrskid2 says:

    Day 3: What is keeping me from embracing change? I can embrace change to an extent. You have to have positive people to embark on change or you can be a lone survivor of change. If you get your instructions from God change will come at the appointed time. No need in spinning your wheels if it is not evident a change is on the horizon because in all actuality, change begins with the individual. If I change, then someone else can change; we all can embrace and embark on the positive. Let me know your thought on this.

  10. mrskid2 says:

    A significant relationship starts with the individual. If you don’t know who you are as a person, you leave a door open for you to become manipulated into being someone you are not. I have been married going on 26 years and my husband is my best friend. Be confident in who you are.

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