Body & Soul Renewal – Day One

Write a quick bio about yourself and include five interesting facts about you.


I am a 26-year-old woman who lives in Canada. Hm. What to say?

I work as a manager of a pharmacy but have been off work intermittently for over two years. I severely hurt my back in February 2010 and subsequently needed a two level spinal fusion in March 2011. While the surgery was a success in that it relieved some of the pressure on my nerves, I have recently had a re-emergence of the nerve pain and am looking at more surgery in August of 2012.

Five things about me:

A Photo I Took Last Year

  • I like to take photos and, while I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, I do take some nice ones. Sometimes I think it is pure luck, but I do take time to set up the shot and take numerous photos of my intended subject from different angles so maybe I do have a tiny bit of skill.

    A Bunny By Jenni (Click for Source)

  • I enjoy knitting, but, as with photography, I hesitate to call myself a knitter. I can read patterns and follow charts, I know all the basic stitches and have a couple of stitch dictionaries. However, I have never attempted a real piece of clothing, one that requires piece work and finishing. I find I am a bit to impatient for knitting. Recently I have been banging out wash cloths for an order my sister took at work. (After knitting 14 1/2 of the darned things I really have to get my butt in gear to finish the last half of the last cloth so I can mail them to her!!) One of my favourite bloggers Jenni makes these  über cute knitted bunniesthat I so want to give a go. She offered to write out a pattern next time she knits one up and I am anxiously awaiting the pattern so I can try my hand. (No pressure, Jenni!) There is something delicious about a project that only takes a skein so you can splurge on it.

    My Spinning Wheel

  • On the subject of fibre arts, I also have an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel that was the light of my life when I got it. (There is a story to go with this… I was given this beaut of a wheel for free by someone I don’t even know.) It has been a couple of months since I sat down to spin. The last time I did I found I couldn’t do it for more than twenty minutes and was rather discouraged because, if any of you are spinners you will empathize, you can’t spin for justtwenty minutes. You get in to a rhythm, almost a meditative state with your fibre. It is hard to walk away with a half-spun bobbin, but the repercussions of continuing are too severe. It used to give me such joy and now there is a taint of regret. I want to erase that taint.

    Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • What else? Oh, I suppose I should mention here that I have been fighting depression, along with anxiety, for over a year. While my back and it’s inability to be better definitely contributes to my depression, it is not the only issue that needs to be resolved. My thinking, even in that last sentence, needs to change. Issues don’t need resolutions to be put out of your mind. Every day of everyone’s life will have problems, challenges and issues arise. How many will require an active role on my part to get to their natural resolutions? I am not saying I need to stop thinking about things totally, but what good does it do to ruminate?

    I am using this book for fitness.
    Let me know if you would like
    to do the same!

  • Before my injury I was fairly active. I am an ex-gymnast and while I have never ran a marathon and sincerely doubt I will, I managed to maintain a level of fitness and flexibility I was proud of. Even through the first part of recovery, before we thought surgery would be needed, I had managed to increase my core strength to 200% of my age range norm. After surgery I spent three months in bed effectively losing all the strength I had gained. It was also a lot harder after surgery to get an effective workout with out compromising my fusion. Then in September of last year I gained 50lbs in two weeks because of some meds I was on and to date have only shed 10lbs despite working out three days a week. So I plan to include an hour of walking each day into my fitness plan. I also want to add some yoga and meditation.

So, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about me, and don’t forget to link up if you would like to join my challenge! I look forward to reading more about all of you! To check out what others wrote for today see the comments section.

xo – S.


3 thoughts on “Body & Soul Renewal – Day One

    • S. says:

      You wrote beautifully. The great thing about this challenge is there are no expectations about length, quality or subject. This challenge is for you. The deeper you think about the questions, especially the ones that make you uncomfortable, the more you will learn about yourself. That is what I love about blogging anonymously. I can write whatever I want without the fear of my words unintentionally hurting anyone. This is my place to be me and this challenge is all about learning about me… Whatever suits you is absolutely perfect! I can’t thank you enough for joining and already posting!! It has motivated me to start on Day two so I have it done tomorrow.
      Thanks. Really.
      xo – S.

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