My Grand Plans…

There is something about writing anonymously that is incredibly liberating. I have been blogging for almost a year on another blog that I am not going to mention here, as that would blow my cover. But if you found your way here through an invitation, I feel I owe you an explanation as to why I am abandoning my previous effort to chronicle my story.

You see, I don’t see it as an abandonment. I will still update that other site as things progress, but I always felt slightly guilty deviating from the main goal of that blog. I truly believe my story may help others, so I want to leave it as a resource. One that I searched for an didn’t find.

This blog is all about me. It is my place to express what I want and say what I feel. Many of the people who know me knew about my other blog, so I couldn’t be totally open. With this blog I am no one in particular. Hopefully it will allow me to feel more comfortable writing about everything, and anything, that I want to discuss.

I am very confused as to where I want to be. I cannot make goals for myself because I have lost me. I don’t know what I want or where I want to go so how do I set goals? I read an article today that said instead of making goals, which is associated with external accountability, you can try to make promises. A promise brings your emotions in because no one wants to break promises, even to themselves. I am hesitant to do this as I take personal failure to heart and seem to get stuck in the things I can’t do without ever addressing the things I can do.

I have a couple of ideas of things to talk about on this blog, like I want to make a page for “Things I am Grateful For”, “Mantras to Keep me Centered” and “Creative Visualizations”.  I am hoping that I can bring some positivity  into my thinking by focusing on some of the things that are good in my life. That way when I get into an “everything sucks” mood I can look over my list and see what doesn’t suck.

These are my great plans. Check in again to see if I find the motivation to stick to my plan… I sincerely hope I can. Just a few short words a day is an accomplishment. That is my first mantra.

Writing a few words everyday is a huge accomplishment.

Here’s hoping!

– S.

2 thoughts on “My Grand Plans…

  1. Ruth says:

    Writing a few words every day IS a huge accomplishment! Thanks for inviting me here to your secret world. May you feel free in your anonymity…. may the ability to express your truth serve you well. xox
    Thank you for coming by, Ruth. I sincerely appreciate your comments, support and thoughts. I’m really glad you are here!
    oo -S.

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